About the Summit

This year, we proudly present the inaugural Space Defense & Security Summit (SDSS). Taking place over two days in Paris – September 17 and 18, 2024 -  this event serves as a pivotal convergence of global leaders in  security, and space industries. This event will be happening in paralel with the highly anticipated 27th edition of the World Space Business Week (WSBW), creating a dynamic synergy that amplifies opportunities for all participants.

Why should you attend this summit?

The space domain is undergoing significant changes, becoming vital for sovereignty, defense, and security. It’s now a contested environment requiring new collaborations and investments in technology and human capital. The evolution of commercial systems also demands a rethink of defense space activities. The Space Defense & Security Summit (SDSS) will cover these topics comprehensively, offering valuable insights for navigating this dynamic landscape. 

Who will be attending?

The summit will host key stakeholders from the space and defense sectors, including European and international governmental and military entities, defense industry organizations, investors, international commercial space businesses and their subcontractors, space policy experts, and international government agencies and organizations.  

It will feature outstanding speakers and leading organizations representing the space and security community, covering major themes within the rapidly evolving landscape of this industry.

Business and Insights at the Core of the Event

The core purpose of this summit is to provide an exclusive environment that encourages business transactions, facilitates in-depth discussions, and offers insights to keep participants at the forefront of the global space defense and security landscape.

World Space Business Week

Exceptional Business Perspectives & Synergies with the WSBW  

The Space Defense & Security Summit (SDSS) aligns seamlessly with the World Space Business Week (WSBW), creating a dynamic synergy that amplifies opportunities for all participants.  

For defense actors engaged in SDSS, this convergence with WSBW in Paris signifies a strategic opportunity, as it increases the potential for delegates to engage with the vibrant ecosystem already flourishing at WSBW.  

The strategic proximity of both events fosters ideal opportunities for interactions with potential investors, innovators, clients, and partners, facilitating seamless exchanges and catalyzing deal-making prospects. 

About the Organizer

Executive Summits are just one aspect of Novaspace’s offerings, which emerged from the merger of Euroconsult and SpaceTec Partners. Our services span four key areas: Management Consulting, Technology Consulting, Market Intelligence, and Executive Summits. In addition to our renowned Executive Summits, we provide top-tier strategic consulting and comprehensive market intelligence products tailored to the space industry.

The uniqueness of our business model is based on synergies created by the complementarity of our four activities. Each activity increases our market knowledge and expertise and extends our network of key decision makers while at the same time maintaining respect for client confidentiality.  

We have over fourty years of experience accompanying private companies and government entities in strategic decision making. A reference for high quality market knowledge worldwide, we use our deep industry knowledge and analytical rigor to help our clients understand their business environment and provide them with the tools they need to make informed decisions and develop their business. 

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