Space Defense & Security Summit

Uniting Leaders, Shaping Space Security of Tomorrow

September 17-18, 2024

Automobile Club de France, Paris I France

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Welcome to the Premier Space Defense & Security Summit

In synergy with the highly anticipated World Space Business Week (WSBW) – 27th edition, we are proud to present the Space Defense & Security Summit (SDSS), a pivotal convergence of global leaders in defense, security, and space industries.
This event will take place at the private Automobile Club de France, situated in the heart of Paris, offering an exclusive and distinguished VIP atmosphere.

Organized by Euroconsult in collaboration with French defense and military entities, this summit serves as a platform uniting global leaders of the space defense and security sectors for a comprehensive two-day discussion, specifically focused on addressing the sector’s primary challenges and opportunities.

New Space Security & Defense Perspective

This event will feature outstanding speakers and leading organizations representing the space and security community, covering major themes within the rapidly evolving landscape of this industry.

As space transforms into an operational domain for sovereignty, defense, and security, the contours of these realms are rapidly shifting. The increasing contestation in space necessitates diverse missions and resources, prompting the imperative need for new cooperation models and investments across technological and human domains.

Moreover, the evolution of commercial systems sparks a fundamental reconsideration of how defense space activities are organized. At SDSS, we will delve into these pressing matters, exploring strategies to navigate this dynamic environment.

Program Outline to Come Soon.

Why Should You Attend?

The summit will host key stakeholders from the space and defense sectors, including European and international governmental and military entities, defense industry organizations, investors, international commercial space businesses and their subcontractors, space policy experts, and international government agencies and organizations.

Exceptional Business Perspectives​ & Synergies with the WSBW

The Space Defense & Security Summit (SDSS) aligns seamlessly with the World Space Business Week (WSBW), creating a dynamic synergy that amplifies opportunities for all participants.

For defense actors engaged in SDSS, this convergence with WSBW in Paris signifies a strategic opportunity, as it increases the potential for delegates to engage with the vibrant ecosystem already flourishing at WSBW.

The strategic proximity of both events fosters ideal opportunities for interactions with potential investors, innovators, clients, and partners, facilitating seamless exchanges and catalyzing deal-making prospects.

Prestigious Surroundings​

The SDSS unfolds at the Automobile Club de France, a brief 7-minute walk from the historic Westin Hotel – Vêndome, the venue for WSBW. Positioned in central Paris, between Place Vendôme, the Louvre, and the Tuileries, this prime location sets the stage for the event. Here, delegates can relish the vibrant Parisian atmosphere while enjoying an ideal setting for the summit

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September 17-18, 2024
Automobile Club de France, Paris
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SDSS - Active Military/Government

September 17-18, 2024
Automobile Club de France, Paris
  • Access to the full conference
  • Access to Social Events
  • Access to the Exhibition Area


September 17-18, 2024
Automobile Club de France, Paris 
& Westin Vendôme, Paris
Upon Request
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  • Access to SDSS & WSBW Social events
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Connecting Industry Leaders

Since 1997 Euroconsult organizes the most prestigious and renowned events and thematic conferences within the space industry, bringing together the world’s leading decision makers to benchmark, exchange views, gain valuable market insights, meet existing or potential business partners, and strike important deals

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